Edinburgh International Book Festival a Grrrrr-eat and Monster start on their opening Saturday

Saturday saw the opening of the Edinburgh International Book Festival.   Some lucky children were fortunate enough to meet up with a certain grrrrruff friend!  That is Gruffalo a character invented for children to enjoy by Julia Donaldson.


Julia conjured up the idea of the Monster’s name to end in O so that it would rhyme with “doesn’t he know”. The “Gr” being a fierce start to the monster’s name,  with a middle of “uffal” to make up that super name Gruffalo.  A fierce name that displays a pleasing image of a monster, and it also projects an image of a buffalo.  A buffalo more that is scary, fierce, friendly, and a fiend.

You can see Julia Donaldson in action here.  You will need to register, and the event can be seen after registration.


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