Edinburgh Book Festival – Red or Blue Wall and Family issues in the USA – Fiction

Image of A M Homes with a USA flag in the background

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Remember, the amazement of the TV presenters when the Northern Red wall was broken?  100s of thousands of Labour supporters switched their voting allegiance from Labour to Tory in the 2019 General Election.

Book - by A M Homes front cover of the UnfoldingNow, there is an amazing book written by A M Home, titled ‘The Unfolding’.  A fictional story was written diary style. Highlighting the political conflict in the nation and one’s own family, polarizing to the two extremes. .  That is a conflict between the views of those on the right and left. Plus the general unhappiness and divergence from voters’ intentions.  The issue of what happens,  when the disillusioned voters switch and eventually find out that the governing party does not deliver too!  How will those voters react?

My personal view of the two far extremes of the left and the right is that on many issues they agree, mainly for a set of totally different reasons.  This fictional alternate life may give us a glimpse of the future of UK politics.  But do remember it is a work of pure fiction based geographically in the USA

Some quotes from the critics:

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