The Debatable Land by Graham Robb

The area was Location about 7 miles north of Canonbie were a track leads  to a large standing stone.  This standing stone  was the northern boundary of the Debatable land.

Graham Robb, auteur de “Une histoire de Paris par ceux qui l’on fait”, Flammarion
Photo Pilippe Matsas copyright Flammarion

Graham Robb in his talk pointed out the “Fact is often stranger than fiction and in 1551 it was no different.  The order was given that…”

All Scotsmen and Englishmen from this time forth shall be free to rob, burn, spoil and slay any person or animals or goods belonging to all who inhabit Debatale Lands.

That did not work and it was only later after both parties had agreed which parts to gain control that the issue was resolved.

Graham’s book outlines all the issues and it can be bought here

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